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Anti-LGBTI stickers threatening violence show up in Massachusetts town

Anti-LGBTI stickers threatening violence show up in Massachusetts town

An anti-LGBTI sticker put up in a Massachusetts town

Residents and officials in a Massachusetts town are responding after anti-LGBTI stickers threatening violence appeared in public spaces.

The city, Attleboro, is abut 30 minutes outside of Boston.

Photos of the stickers began to spread when someone posted them to a Facebook group over the weekend.

Mayor Paul Heroux said the police chief of Attleboro contacted him Sunday (2 December) morning and promptly began to take down the stickets.

Ashley Cullinane of NBC 10 posted a photo of one of the stickers on Twitter. Foul language from the sticker was blurred out.

The stickers read: ‘Touch me [slur] and I’ll kill you.’

Heroux immediately condemned the stickers and said it is ‘not characteristic’ of the city.

‘It’s a very diverse community. It’s disappointing someone would do this because it doesn’t reflect who we are or our values,’ he continued.

In June, he flew a pride flag outside City Hall. He further said there is ‘no room’ for hate in Attleboro.

One resident in the city told the local news station the appearance of the stickers disturbed him.

‘Awful. Absolutely terrible,’ Jesse Dugas commented.

Police are currently investigating the incident. Heroux said if authorities find the person responsible, police could charge them with vandalism.

At the end of last month, a 16-year-old was arrested for allegedly calling gay bars in Boston and threatening them.

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