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Anti-LGBTI Trump official slated to head university in Texas

Anti-LGBTI Trump official slated to head university in Texas

UTEP students Heather Wilson (Photo: Facebook)

An anti-LGBTI Trump official on the verge of becoming president of the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP).

Air Force Secretary, Heather Wilson, is the only finalist for the position.

Wilson has a long anti-LGBTI track record.

She faced shouts of ‘we deserve better’ when holding a news conference at UTEP last week, according to NBC News.

What’s more, a petition calling for the board to rescind their choice has garnered 6,500 signatures.

The University’s regents are expected to vote on the nomination next month.

Wilson’s nomination has also stirred controversy due to the University’s location on the Mexico border.

Critics have called out Trump and his administration for anti-immigration rhetoric. This includes his controversial border wall.

More than 83% of UTEP students are Latino. Many regularly cross the border to Mexico.

Anti-LGBTI record

GLAAD pointed out Wilson’s abysmal record on LGBTI rights.

Wilson has previously said she does not approve of homosexuality.

She voted against LGBTI anti-discrimination legislation and wanted to ban same-sex marriage.

She attacked an anti-bullying bill, claiming teasing was part of life.

‘Heather Wilson has proven time and time again that she will not stand up for LGBTQ people’ Zeke Stokes, Chief Programs Officer at GLAAD said.

‘Simply put, her record should disqualify her without question’.

Eder Perez, 22, president of UTEP’s Queer Student Alliance told NBC ”UTEP deserves and demands a better leader than Heather Wilson’.

When quizzed on LGBTI issues on Tuesday, Wilson said: ‘My general approach with respect to LGBT issues is to treat everyone with dignity and respect.’