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Taiwan’s anti-marriage equality brigade invite LGBTI people to their protest

Taiwan’s anti-marriage equality brigade invite LGBTI people to their protest

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A protest against same-sex marriage in Taiwan’s capital, Taipei attracted only about 100 people.

Rescue Taiwan Hope Alliance and other groups organized the protest held on Saturday which went down the main avenue in front Presidential Office Building.

‘In our view, a huge amount of controversy has already been caused, and the government is not prepared to address the issue, so it should be put aside temporarily,’ alliance spokesman Chao Ying-ling told the Taipei Times.

The protestors voiced their concerns about same-sex marriage and chanted for ‘sexual liberation’ curriculum to be removed from schools.

Some protesters used theatre to get their point across. The group piled placards depicting politicians who support same-sex marriage politicians as scorpions, snakes, tarantulas and toads onto a boat. The boat was then symbolically ‘sent off’.

The skit was the cause of a fraction between the protestors. Many Christians decided not to attend the protest because they thought the skit would be a religious ritual.

LGBTI people welcome to protest?

The protest also featured a section for tents and surprisingly organizers allowed LGBT people to have their own tents.

One of the participating was openly gay celebrity Liu Yu.

‘They told us not to make a scene and that they were willing to give us two tents, while urging us not to argue and instead take a look at their ideas,’ he said.

‘It is not too bad — of all the events I have attended, this is the first time I’ve been directly invited.’

A woman who gave her surname as Hsu was one of the protest’s main organizers.

‘In the past, homosexual protesters were barred, even though we often talk about love and tolerance.’ she said.

‘In ordinary life, there are homosexual friends all around us, and there is no need to exclude or create conflict and opposition.’

Hsu said the group was not opposed to LGBTI rights, but that they didn’t want homosexuality confusing children.

She did say that the government should change laws to give same-sex couples equal inheritance, medical and other rights without same-sex marriage.

‘Legalizing same-sex marriage would serve as the basis for numerous changes to school curricula,’ Hsu said.

The protest was one of many against same-sex marriage in recent months, as Taiwan’s judicial system gears up to review legislation that would allow it to become a reality.