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Anti-trans group files lawsuit against California government over new law

Anti-trans group files lawsuit against California government over new law

Conservative groups in California aiming to overturn a new pro-trans student law which allows students to use restrooms which match their gender are claiming state officials are refusing to count signatures for a referendum.


Anti-trans group Privacy For All Students have filed a lawsuit saying couriers delivered the signatures ahead of the deadline on 10 November in the counties of Tulare and Mono County, but were not counted because of the Veteran’s Day weekend.


PFAS are claiming the secretary of state’s office is refusing to validate the signatures from both the counties.


Previously, it was found in a random sampling that only 77 percent of the signatures actually qualify.


Pastor Jack Hibbs, one of the founders of PFAS, said: ‘Sadly, [the lawsuit] has been forced upon us.


‘We needed 505,000 signatures. We obtained 615,127. So yes, we’re very confident… It was the greatest gathering of signatures for a referendum or petition in the shortest period of time. At one point, we were gathering 6,000 signatures a day.


‘We believe every California registered voter who signed the petition, their voices should be heard.


‘It’s an ill-conceived bill… Somebody should go back to the drawing board and come back with something better.’


The law, known as AB1266, requires schools to allow students to use restrooms and facilities for the gender they identify with.


Since the repeal of Proposition 8, AB1266 has become the focus of anti-LGBTI groups in California, with the National Organization for Marriage and the Pacific Justice Institute firmly opposed to the pro-trans law.