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Anti-trans lesbians tried to protest at Swansea Pride but were ignored

Anti-trans lesbians tried to protest at Swansea Pride but were ignored

two people stand behind police holding protest signs

Police moved on two anti-trans lesbians who protested at the front of the Swansea Pride parade in Wales.

The two women took to the front of the parade holding signs that read ‘transactivism erases lesbians’ and ‘lesbians don’t have penises’. One of the women is called Angela Wild, while the other simply has identified herself with her Twitter handle, @saltwithoutpepa.

They belonged to a group called ‘LesbiansGetTheLOut’ who want lesbians to leave the LGBTI community. The group also protested at and delayed the start of London Pride last year. They claimed lesbians were being erased by trans women and society was coercing them to have sex with trans women.

The two women walked backwards holding their banners as police walked towards them. Police eventually moved them to the sidelines of the parade where they continued to shout anti-trans comment.s

‘We walked in front of the march but backwards so that the banners would be visible to the demonstrators including to the security staff and to the police,’ the women said on YouTube.

‘We asked why we were asked to leave that we had a right to be here as it is a public place. We were told we were “spoiling” the parade.’

Majority of lesbians support trans women

Swansea Pride released a statement condemning the protest.

‘We were aware of an incident during the parade. Swansea pride supports inclusion and the diversity of our whole community,’ the statement read.

‘We are grateful to the many hundreds who took part in the parade and to South Wales Police for ensuring the parade was safe.’

South Wales Police also issued a statement about the incident.

‘We’re aware a photo from Swansea Pride has been shared,’ the statement read.

‘To clarify, two protesters on the parade’s route were asked to move to the side of the road. A demonstrator who initially didn’t do so was moved by officers to ensure everyone’s safety.

‘No arrests were made. The protesters were allowed to continue with their protest.

‘The Swansea Pride event, which was policed entirely by volunteers from our South Wales Police Specials, was a fantastic success. As always, thank you for your continued support.’

Attendees at the parade said thousands of people passed the women and ignored them

‘Hilarious, two transphobic lesbians protest at Swansea pride, roundly ignored by thousands of lesbians. 8 transphobic lesbians at London pride, ignored by 10,000s of lesbians. They see your bullshit propaganda,’ wrote one Twitter user.

‘The VAST majority of lesbians have repeatedly stood for trans women.’