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ANTM male models kiss as gay/straight bromance heats up

ANTM male models kiss as gay/straight bromance heats up

Bored with Big Brother’s Zankie? Tyra Banks has got something for you in the most recent cycle of America’s Next Top Model.

Dubbed Whilthew by fans, straight model Matthew Smith has taken a liking to out gay model Will Jardell.

‘Before you were a really attractive guy, and now you’re like a…model’ Smith has told Jardell after a makeover. In response, Jardell has described Smith as ‘cute’ and that they have a really good connection in the ANTM house.

They are then told to ‘stop flirting’.

Later, one model reported seeing the two kiss. There’s no actual evidence of this yet, sadly. But Smith does admit to it after getting cornered by several others in the house, pressuring to ‘come out’ as gay.

Smith then says, no you crazy idiots, he’s still straight. He just likes Jardell as a person. He also, incidentally, does the whole thing in just a towel.

Below are two of the ANTM fans’ favorite Whilthew moments, as well as a tribute to their relationship, so far:



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