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Queer’s Eye’s Antoni Porowski just shut down the Instagram Celery Diet

Queer’s Eye’s Antoni Porowski just shut down the Instagram Celery Diet

In what might be the most 2019 thing you’ve read today, Queer Eye’s Antonio Porowski just shut down the Celery Juice Instagram diet.

In an interview with today (1 April) the culinary expert gave his rap on all things dieting, fasting and celery.

The latter involving a fad diet that has taken over Instagram this month. The diet involves, you guessed it, consuming celery in liquid form everyday.

What was the interview on?

The model dished out what being healthy means to him, revealing that he works out ‘almost every single day.’ He also only eats solid food between noon and 8pm.

‘Then after 8,’ he said, ‘I’ll just have some really lovely herbal flavorful tea, without adding any sugar to it.

‘It’s not something for everybody, but for my body and my needs, it’s great.’

But on the topic of food trends the chef considers ‘unhealthy,’ Porowski said he and his friends have discussed the ‘whole celery juice trend.’

‘I’m not a nutritionist or a dietician, but I do know celery is high in fiber, and by juicing it, you are preventing yourself from having all of that fiber.’

Celery packs an antioxidant punch, and many Instagrammers have taken to the social media network to praise it.

The diet effectively consists of blending the vegetable and drinking up to 16 ounces of it every day.

So, Porowski’s simple but blunt shut down of the diet might have many wondering what the next miracle superfood will be of the month.

On his favorite foodie makeover of the show

‘Thomas Diggs,’ Porowski replied when asked what his favorite food makeover was on season three of Queer Eye.

‘His diet had consisted mainly of tater tots … he didn’t have parental guidance or mentorship when growing up.

‘So, I was really touched that I was given the opportunity to teach him out to cook.’

Porowski, the man behind the food

When he’s not chatting diets, Porowski has admitted quite a few things recently.

From meeting his boyfriend via Instagram to having ‘been with more women than men.’

He’s also been having to explain to the world why he looked sad in a certain photo series.

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