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Antoni Porowski on season three of Queer Eye, his restaurant and more

Antoni Porowski on season three of Queer Eye, his restaurant and more

Antoni Queer Eye Restaurant

Antoni Porowski opened up at a university student union on Tuesday (26 February) about season three of Queer Eye.

The model appeared at University of Maryland’s student union and shared in-depth thoughts on his career and life, and offered students advice.

Porowski said ‘inclusivity and diversity’ will be the focal point of the next season, due to air 15 March.

He said: ‘We actually had conversations about the types of conversations we want to have.

‘For example, myself as an immigrant, that’s an important story that I wanted to tell.’

He added he called for ‘better balance with women to men’ because ‘not only men need help.’

The Queer Eye ‘family’

Porowski said that, in the initial recordings of season one, the Fab Five ‘were literally completing each other’s sentences.

‘It’s kind of like family. The five of us have experienced this really strange phenomenon of being thrust into public life on this show that carries out such an important message.

‘We get each other.’

‘Learned a lot from Jonathan’

But who in the Queer Eye family would Porowski call on for help?

‘The one that I’ve learned the most from is definitely, by far, Jonathan [Van Ness].

‘He’s the one that I still could learn a lot from.’

Porowski said he doesn’t wash his hair very often with shampoo, but said skincare gives him 10 minutes ‘where I connect with myself.

‘It’s self-care in the purest form where I’m just taking care of my own body.’

On relaxation and too much coffee

The food and wine expert spoke candidly how he is a ‘workaholic’ but he really wants to ‘learn how to rest better and how to relax.

‘Which is easier said than done, when you drink as much coffee as I do.’

This comes as Porowski manages his restaurant, Village Den, in New York City’s West Village.

The ‘fast-casual’ food is more than just avocados, it’s an ‘homage’ to ‘American culture and 1950s TV dinners.’

Its modern mom-and-pop restaurant vibe and focus on sustainable food has earned it praise.

‘I ate very well as a kid and I always wanted those little Swanson microwavable things with the meatloaf and all that and I never got to have those as a kid.

‘So, we created versions of those that are a lot more healthy, whether they’re paleo or vegan.’

On top of this, Porowski is releasing a cookbook in the Fall.

‘Try not to be too idealistic’

Asked what advice he’d give to University of Maryland students, he said ‘Try not to be too idealistic.

‘I wish I would have told myself a little more when I was in my early 20s, because I was really trying to figure out what I needed to do.

‘And I felt like what I was studying or what I was doing was going to be what I was going to do for the rest of my life.’

The star was sentimental to his college days, and spoke of the importance of self-care; even relaying Tan France’s green tea yogurt facial tip.

He concluded: ‘I wasn’t the best student, I failed a bunch of classes and I was miserable for some of it.

‘But I really wish I learned to enjoy the times I was sitting in the library, because it was so lovely.’

This isn’t the only time Porowski helped students out.

Last year, he and the rest of the Fab Five helped three high school students achieve their dreams of performing on stage.

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