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Antony Cotton Twitter war with Jack P Shepherd a joke

Antony Cotton Twitter war with Jack P Shepherd a joke

Gay Coronation Street actor Antony Cotton has put to rest rumours that he and co-star Jack P Shepherd have fallen out following a pretend spat on Twitter.

The so-called argument began when Shepherd accused Cotton of bragging about his celebrity friends, tweeting: 'RT this if you think @antonycutton is cringe on twitter! Haha.'

Cotton cattily responded, calling Jack a 'little irritant', telling him 'you need the money more than me.'

Twitter users were quick to assume that the two actors were at loggerheads, spreading rumours that the two had fallen out.

However, Cotton soon took to his micro-blogging site to put the rumours to rest writing: 'Slow news day today obvs…'

'Breaking news!!! @ryanjamesthomas @JackPShepherd88 and I have a sense of humour. I know!!! Outrageous!!!

Cotton continued, 'But seriously though. I called @ryanjamesthomas and @JackPShepherd88 to my office first thing this morning and they issued this statement –

'"We apologise unreservedly to the old boot. We promise to make him cups of tea whenever he wants". I was unavailable for comment.'

Earlier this month, Cotton was the victim of a homophobic tweet from British footballer Michael Ball.