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Did Apple remove a lesbian couple from Mother’s Day adverts?

Did Apple remove a lesbian couple from Mother’s Day adverts?

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Tech giant Apple removed a lesbian couple from international versions of its Mother’s Day adverts, according to new reports.

A Mother’s Day video, meant as a ‘tribute to all mothers through the eyes of iPhone users worldwide,’ showed various shots of parents with their children, including lesbian couple Melanie and Vanessa Roy. However, it has now come to light the couple were left out of the French version of the campaign, despite appearing in Australian, English, Mexican and Canadian versions.

Vanessa Roy had uploaded an excited post to Instagram (above) about appearing in the Apple commercial.

While the couple – who run a blog about LGBTI parenting, Mommy Squared – appeared together with their children in the original adverts, the French version showed only one of the women.

The discrepancy was picked up by French lesbian magazine Jeanne. BuzzFeed then reported the couple had been removed from German, Italian, Turkish, and Japanese versions, too.

No set rules for Mother’s Day, say lesbian couple

Apple is yet to comment on the decision to remove the lesbian couple from certain international versions. Their removal from the French, German and Italian campaigns is particularly curious, given all three countries have legalized same-sex marriage.

Melanie and Vanessa Roy have not commented on the reports, but French fans have posted apologies to the couple, with one writing: ‘I am so embarrassed for the stupid French team from Apple, I am a French follower and am truly inspired by your beautiful family.’

On their Mommy Squared blog, the couple wrote a Mother’s Day post that read: ‘Too quickly we turn to judgments if we notice someone doing something any different than the way we do them. What makes our way the right way? There are no set rules to follow when you become a mother, and that’s the beauty of it.’

They added: ‘We are not all the same and that’s what makes the world go round. For this Mother’s Day post we want to encourage all of you to put aside differences and unite, not as a single mothers, young mothers, lesbian mothers or whatever category you may fall into, but instead let’s all unite together as MOTHERS.

‘One team, with one focus; to raise the next generation to the best of our abilities.’

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