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Aquaria shades VH1 for ’embarrassing’ RuPaul’s Drag Race season 11 cast reveal

Aquaria shades VH1 for ’embarrassing’ RuPaul’s Drag Race season 11 cast reveal

Drag Race queen Aquaria

Drag Race winner Aquaria has slammed VH1 for their role in the season 11 cast reveal.

Both the season 10 star and Olympian Adam Rippon hosted the two-hour long live video on YouTube.

Some fans derided the reveal as ‘awkward’, especially as neither Aquaria or Adam are professional hosts.

Aquaria slams VH1 for season 11 cast reveal

The hosts revealed the season 11 queens in alphabetical order.

Adam would interview the contestants, offering the fans some snippets of their pasts.

Fans would vote on what mini-challenge the queens would then do. These included wrapping a crew member with one-ply toilet roll and pinning a tail on Lady Bunny.

The comments, however, were also filled with racist comments regarding the POC queens.

Aquaria derided both on Twitter.

‘That reveal was very telling,’ Aquaria said.

‘One, that the *fans* of this show are extremely racist (among many other means of heinously judgmental) and also that someone at VH1 HATES my guts and wants me to show up to the season 11 finale without an ounce of dignity left in my body.

‘Also pretty sad that my only role was to embarrass every single contestant vs uplifting them and myself and showing the world about the art of drag.

‘But there’s plenty of time to do that this year I suppose.’

VH1 has not responded to Aquaria’s criticisms.

But who is the RuPaul’s Drag Race season 11 cast?

The season 11 cast is one of family and firsts.

Many drag queens have connections with previous stars, including two members from the Davenport family.

We’ll also see the first ever Muslim queen and the first ever Canadian queen compete.

But who will win the crown?

Check out our preview of the season 11 cast.