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Archbishop of Wales comes out in support of gay people

Barry Morgan speaks out over fears of isolating lesbian and gay people from the church

Archbishop of Wales comes out in support of gay people

The Archbishop of Wales has spoken out in support of lesbian and gay people.

Dr Barry Morgan said that he is concerned upcoming discussions on same-sex marriage in the UK will alienate lesbian and gay people from the Anglican church.

He said: ‘Very often homosexuality is talked about as if real people were not involved, and gays and lesbians complain of being talked about rather than talked to in church.’

Morgan was addressing a conference for the Church in Wales’ governing body. Last month a Welsh vicar became the first religious leader in the country to resign over homophobia in the church.

The government in the UK is currently in the middle of a 12 week consultation on the issue of same-sex marriage. It wants to introduce equal marriage by 2015 but is being opposed by a well-funded minority group of Christian extremists.

Morgan says that even though he is ‘entering a minefield’, there are ‘no easy simple answers to complicated ethical problems, nor is there a straightforward single Christian perspective on it.’

He asked: ‘Will the church protect and support pastorally, faithful, stable, lifelong relationships of whatever kind in order to encourage human values such as love and fidelity and recognise the need in Christian people for some public religious support?’

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