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Are all gay men secretly Tory like Ivan Massow says?

Are all gay men secretly Tory like Ivan Massow says?

In an interview in this month’s edition of UK gay magazine Attitude, Ivan Massow, out gay businessman and hopeful Conservative candidate for Mayor of London said:

‘Gay males don’t realize it, but when you start to dissemble, and ask them the questions that are multiple choice, they’re Tory [Conservative]. But you were obliged to stand on the left and throw rocks at the right.’

I have a few issues with that statement.

I should start by saying that Ivan and I have a few things in common: We’re both gay, male and own our own companies (granted, mine is much smaller than his, but at this point, let’s just say it’s sufficient).

But before we get into a fun game of ‘rich white men know what’s best for everyone,’ I think I should make a point: I’m not going to make sweeping generalizations about an incredibly diverse section of society.

I don’t know most of the gay men in London (despite some long hours logged into a particular yellow app) and I’m not going to say that I know more about gay men than they know themselves. And that’s where Ivan and I start to differ.

When Massow references these ‘multiple choice questions’ he has apparently asked gay men, one has to wonder about the people he chooses. Is it likely that they’re chosen at random on busy streets, and asked impartial questions by non-partisan researchers? Or is it more likely they’re people he knows, friends and other people like him who are happy to comment upon the political leanings of a huge number of people based upon their own limited and privileged worldview?

Don’t listen to him, don’t listen to me either – do a little soul-searching on sites like Vote for Policies and get some new insights into who you may really want to vote for.

That would be the best thing to come out of this: More people might go and do a little research into the political arguments in the public eye and party policies.

To me it seems that if people did so, they would realize that, considering their historical record on equal rights, as well as the current state of housing, healthcare and education in London, that perhaps Mr Massow and his Conservative Party aren’t the best choice for London, after all.