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Ariana Grande drops new song God Is A Woman and the gays go wild

Ariana Grande drops new song God Is A Woman and the gays go wild

Ariana Grande releases new song God Is A Woman

Ariana Grande just dropped her new single God Is A Woman and the gays are going wild for it.

Taking to Twitter last night, the Dangerous Woman singer wrote: ‘God Is A Woman out now.’

In the lead up to releasing the song, she also tweeted a special message to her fans. She wrote: ‘jus want u to know how much i love n appreciate every one of u. thank u for the love u show me n joy u bring.

‘i’ll never be able to fully express my gratitude and you’ll truly never know how much u actually mean to me. i cherish nights like this sm. mmmmk,’ she tweeted.

As soon as the single dropped, the internet couldn’t handle it.

Forbes quickly called it the ‘song of the summer’ and the gays took to social media to agree wholeheartedly.

One fan of the song joked: ‘Pope Francis is currently listening to “God Is A Woman” by Ariana Grande’

Another tweeted: ‘The song is already a true masterpiece so imagine with the video’

Another wrote: ‘Ariana Grande is a feminist, LGBT ally, activist so much more than just a pretty face. She is the best celeb in the music industry including Harry Styles you can’t convince me otherwise’

One fan even went to their local Apple Store and loaded the song up on different iPhones around the store.

See more of the most hilarious reactions:

The music video drops at midday today (13 July).

Grande just released new single with Nicki Minaj called Bed. She also has a recent song with gay singer Troye Sivan called Dance To This.