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Queer Twitter’s worst and best reactions to Ariana Grande not coming out

Queer Twitter’s worst and best reactions to Ariana Grande not coming out

Ariana Grande in the Monopoly video.

Ariana Grande just dropped a new track with fellow singer Victoria Monét and fans believe she might have low-key came out as bisexual.

In Monopoly, Grande sings about liking women and men.

‘I like women and men (Yeah) / Work so fuckin’ much, need a twinny, twin, twin,’ the thank u, next singer says together with Monét, who came out as queer last fall.

The new track follows Ariana’s break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored, whose final queer twist let fans hoping for Ariana identifying as something other than straight.

However, those who were waiting for an official announcement have been disappointed.

No labels

As fans were going wild at the idea Ariana might actually be bisexual, the singer felt the need to clarify her position about coming out.

‘ariana ain’t gotta label herself, but she said what she said,’ a fan wrote.

‘i haven’t before and still don’t feel the need to now,’ Ariana replied, ‘which is okay’.

Her diplomatic yet enigmatic statement sparked a debate online.

Ariana stans believe she actually came out as bi. On the other hand, her detractors think the song is a response to the criticism received for headlining Manchester Pride.

‘We stan’

‘If Ariana Grande is actually bisexual then 20biteen is thriving,’ a Twitter user commented.


‘Gender & sexual labels are not needed. Leave @ArianaGrande alone, she doesn’t owe anyone an explanation for how she expresses herself in HER music. I pride her decision to not put a label on herself to appease social media,’ another tweeted.

Others don’t need Ariana’s coming out to be factual to use it to spread their own pride.

‘Knowing that @ArianaGrande might be or is bisexual just make me spread my pride,’ one Twitter user said.

Manchester Pride

Others addressed the Manchester Pride controversy, pointing out that Ariana’s coming out would put an end to the debate about whether straight performers should be allowed at Pride.

‘and i get that people don’t HAVE to come out!!!! i do!!!!! but @ArianaGrande is such a household name and she’s headlining Manchester Pride and so her being in queer spaces without being openly queer is always gonna let str8s ignore the fact that pride isn’t for them ya know?’

‘If you like women why didnt you just say so when ppl were calling you a queer baiter and were mad you were performing at pride, that would have blocked all of that negativity coming your way,’ someone replied to Ariana.

Is Ariana queerbaiting?

Other commentators, however, weren’t as lenient with Grande regarding Pride.

‘If ariana grande isn’t bi and this song monopoly is just queerbaiting to stop the backlash about the fact that she’s headlining Pride I am going to be…….. livid,’ someone wrote.

‘I’m just gonna say it: Ariana Grande only put those lyrics out there and let you all think she was bi because she was getting flack for headlining Pride,’ another user tweeted.

And then one epic Twitter user was just all of us.

Finally, isn’t showing your pride all that really matters?

‘can’t wait to scream “i like women and men” at pride,’ someone wrote and we second that.

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