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Ariana Grande partied at a gay bar and tipped the queens $100 bills

Ariana Grande partied at a gay bar and tipped the queens $100 bills

Ariana Grande appeared gay club in texas heat

Ariana Grande surprised the patrons of a gay bar in Texas and tipped the drag queens $100 bills.

The Into You singer popped into Heat in San Antonio while she was in the state for her Sweetener Tour. She even got to see a local drag show – with Miss Toni Andrews performing on stage.

Miss Toni didn’t have an Ariana song to sing – so she had to improvise.

She told KENS 5 News: ‘I was like “Oh my God! Oh my God!” I just said, “Bitch, get into it, get into it. Bring out your inner JLo, Madonna, Ariana, Rhianna – everything… So the music starts, it is a mash-up I could hear her little voice. “Yas, queen!” I could hear it. I could hear it.’

Miss Toni performed with Niyala Milan Matthews, who revealed on Instagram that she wasn’t meant to perform.

Niyala wrote: ‘Tonight was my off night from performing, I had planned to meet friends at a local bar on the north side but one text from a friend changed my entire night. I’ve never made a u-turn so quickly.’

She adds: ‘I walked into the club and saw two little space buns poking from the crowd, I knew it was her! I ran backstage and started putting my ponytail on. I had to perform for her!

‘I couldn’t even accept her tip or look her in the eye.’

Well the performance was big enough that Ari tipped them with $100 bills.

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