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Ariana Grande’s ‘f**k you’ to anti-LGBTI Coachella owner during historic performance

Ariana Grande’s ‘f**k you’ to anti-LGBTI Coachella owner during historic performance

a selfie of ariana grande and a shot of a large stage with a rainbow flag across the screens

Pop star Ariana Grande has just wrapped her performance as the youngest person to ever headline the Coachella music festival.

Controversy has surrounded the festival because its owner, Philip Anschutz, has donated to three conservative Christian organizations who are vocal about their pro-gun and anti-LGBTI views. Many artists have boycotted the festival with many deciding to go ahead with performances including pansexual singer, Janelle Monae.

Grande who will headline Manchester Pride this year, ended her historic performance displaying a giant rainbow Pride flag across the stage’s screens. She also waved a small flag during her performance and fireworks went off as she left the stage.

Twitter users described it as a big ‘fuck you’ to Anschutz.

‘Omg Ariana really said fuck you to the CEO of Coachella and displayed an LGBTQ flag… legend,’ one Twitter user wrote.


Anschutz has addressed the controversy over his donations in a 2017 interview. He claimed he was not anti-LGBTI and would no longer donate to organizations that are LGBTI.

The Coachella website also promotes a ‘festival and culture that is safe, inclusive and fun for all’.

‘We are taking deliberate steps to develop a festival culture that is safe and inclusive for everyone. Persons of any gender identity or expression, sex, sexual orientation, race, religion, age or ability are welcome at Coachella,’ the website reads.

‘Coachella will NOT tolerate any form of assault or harassment, be it sexual, physical or verbal. Anyone found to be in violation of this policy is subject to immediate removal from the festival site and law enforcement may be notified.’

An emotional performance

The overall response to Grande’s set was positive despite technical issues and being forced to rush through because production was delayed.

Grande reunited early noughties boy group, N*Sync – minus Justin Timberlake – and also invited rappers Mase and Diddy onstage.

But sound issues plagued her reunion with long-time collaborator, Nicki Minaj. The pair said during the set that they could not hear themselves during their hits Side to Side and Bang Bang. The issues made it difficult for Minaj to finish her verses and the rapper was spotted crying backstage afterwards.

Grande also became very emotional during her biggest hit, thank u, next. The 25-year-old clearly became emotional when paying tribute to her ex Mac Miller who died last year.

She will return to perform again on 21 April as Coachella returns for a second weekend.