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Arizona pastor prays for God to rip out Caitlyn Jenner’s heart

Arizona pastor prays for God to rip out Caitlyn Jenner’s heart

A pastor who infamously called for all gay people to be killed for an ‘AIDS-free Christmas’ is now praying Caitlyn Jenner dies and goes to hell.

Pastor Steven Anderson of the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona, admitted that he had never even heard of the former Olympian and reality TV star until last week, but said he now despises her with ‘perfect hatred.’

‘Bruce Jenner has mutilated his body basically and he’s being praised by our president,’ he told his congregation last week.

‘Our President Obama is praising him, or praising her. We don’t even know what it is.

‘This filthy pervert is on all these magazine covers and just everywhere being crammed down our throat. Hundreds of millions of people are being subjected to looking at a trans freak.’

Anderson said Jenner, like Barack Obama, Josh Duggar and Mao Zedong, could not be saved.

‘I’m going to pray that he dies and goes to hell!’ he said.

‘I hate him with a perfect hatred. I have no love, no love for this Bruce freak. I hope he dies today. I hope he dies and goes to hell.’

Anderson then addressed those who hope God ‘touches his heart.’

‘I hope God touches his heart like this,’ he said as he made a crushing motion with his hand.

‘That’s how I want him to touch his heart. I pray that his heart would explode right now!’

Anderson then added, ‘Nobody who defends that freak is welcome in this church!’

Watch the sermon in full below: