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Arrest made in homophobic NYC subway attack that broke a woman’s spine

Arrest made in homophobic NYC subway attack that broke a woman’s spine

This man allegedly broke a woman's spine during a homophobic attack on the NYC subway

Police have arrested the perpetrator of a homophobic attack on the NYC subway.

What happened?

On 30 November, a man (now known to be Allasheed Allah, 54, of Harlem) brutally attacked a woman he thought was a lesbian.

The assault took place in Queens on a Manhattan-bound E train. The 20-year-old victim and her friend were taking pictures with Snapchat when they exchanged a kiss on the cheek. After that, Allah began making homophobic remarks to them.

‘He said, “do those gay things in front of me one more time and watch what happens,”’ the woman told Gothamist.

They began a shouting match when Allah called the woman a ‘d*ke.’ She attempted to leave the situation but Allah followed behind her.

‘I felt him right behind me, I felt a punch in my back,’ she recalls. ‘And it all happened so quick it was just a blur.’

‘I turned around and he already had his hand on my chest and he threw me back which caused my head to hit the pole and my back hit the ground first, which fractured my spine.’

Other passengers came to her defense, but Allah fled the train at the next stop.

The victim is still recovering from her injuries. ‘Last week I spent the whole week crying and in excruciating pain,’ she said.

The assault made her afraid to travel via subway again. ‘I don’t think I’m ever gonna get on a train again,’ she added.

The arrest

‘My hopes are that he’s arrested, not for revenge, it’s not what I want. So he won’t ever do this to anyone else. I don’t want someone else to feel this.’

Luckily for the victim, Allah was taken into custody on 13 December.