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Arrow reveals another main character is LGBTI in the latest episode

Arrow reveals another main character is LGBTI in the latest episode

Arrow strikes back and reveals another character belongs to the LGBTI community.

William Clayton, the son of Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow and the late Samantha Clayton, casually comes out on the latest episode of the show, The Longbow Hunters.

Portrayed by Ben Lewis, William is among the protagonists of season 7 of the beloved CW series.

A low-key coming out

Ben Lewis plays William on the show. | Photo: CW

His revelation wasn’t the sort of sensational coming out you would expect from a big TV show. On the contrary, William came out in a very low-key way.

Will has a conversation with Roy Harper, played by Colton Haynes. The two talk about Lian Yu, the mysterious island where William’s mother Samantha lost her life. William then makes a quick reference to a boyfriend he left back home.

When Roy asks whether Felicity, his stepmom, and Oliver have left William, he said yes, joking that his boyfriend ‘wonders why I have commitment issues.’

It is not clear whether William is bisexual or gay, but fans are eager to know more about this twist.

William is not Arrow’s first LGBTI character

The show had already introduced other two LGBTI characters in the past.

In season two, Arrow featured a bisexual Black Canary, played by Sara Lance. Significantly, Black Canary had dated both Oliver Queen and Nyssa al Ghul when she made her debut onscreen.

Later, the team added Curtis ‘Mister Terrific’ Holt, who was happily married to his husband Paul.

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