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Where to party in London on Easter weekend

Where to party in London on Easter weekend

As One Easter Festival 2017, London

The world comes to London this Easter with DJs and performers from some of worlds biggest gay party brands for the in the As One Easter Festival.

For a behind-the-scenes look at all of the action, we spoke with promoter Mikele Corzato:

Mikele Corzato
Mikele Corzato Photo: Chris Jepson

What makes the As One festival the top pick for partying over the Easter weekend?

Experience. We’ve been doing this festival for seven years now, in different formats. We know how to throw a party, so if you want to go out you’re guaranteed to find what you want at As One.

Will it just be Londoners attending the festival, or are you expecting people to travel to London for this event?

So far we’ve sold tickets in every continent – we’re expecting people to come from every corner of the globe.

How would you describe the music that people will be able to experience at the As One festival?

It’s going to cover uplifting house and circuit, to house and techno at the after parties.

It looks set to be a busy weekend – what’s the one DJ set, that is going to cause the biggest storm?

I’m particularly excited about welcoming Nacho Chapado to Matinee London for the first time – he’s at the top of his game and he’s set to rock The Grand.

Are there any special surprises planned over the course of the weekend?

I’ll give you an exclusive – we’re completely transforming Fire for Beyond Taboo. The shows will be outrageous.

Do people need to buy tickets in advance or will there also be tickets available on the door?

We always recommend advance tickets, as they’re cheaper. But tickets will also be available on the door at every event.

Thursday 13 April

  • 8PM: The opening party at Comptons of Soho kicks things off
  • DJs: Gonzalo; and Lee Harris
  • 11PM: The action moves to The Coronet for WE Cave Man
  • Main Room DJs: WE Superstar Binomio; Steve Pitron; Lee Harris; and D’Johnny
  • Room 2 DJs: Terry Bryan; B2B; and Sam Londt
  • 4AM: The official after-party shifts to Fire

Friday 14 April

  • 11PM: Head to Protocol for A:M
  • A:M House: Miswhite; and Terry Bryan
  • A:M Turbocharged: D’Johnny; Nic Fisher; Yvette Lindquist; and Mahdame Crystal MC

Saturday 15 April

  • 11PM: The party moves to Fire for Beyond Taboo
  • Main Room: Ben Manson; Tony English; Gonzalo; D’Johnny; Michel Mizrahi
  • Mirror Arch: Massimo Paramour; Zach Burns
  • Beyond Lab: Matt Bogard; Sam Londt; and Louis Chatten.

Sunday 16 April

  • 6PM: Matinee takes over The Clapham Grand
  • DJs: Tom Stephan; Steve Pitron; B2B; and Zach Burns

Monday 17 April

  • 3AM: Finish the weekend off in style with Superlate at Fire