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Asia’s first LGBT cinema hub launched in Taiwan

Asia’s first LGBT cinema hub launched in Taiwan

Portico Media, the company behind Asia’s queer streaming service, has launched the region’s first LGBT cinema production hub.

GOL Studios will connect makers of LGBTI films the support they need to take projects into the global mainstream.

As an incubator and accelerator, GOL Studios will help with production, funding, distribution, and marketing of LGBT cinema projects.

The company hopes to ride on the success of mainstream LGBTI-themed movies such as The Favourite and Call me by Your Name.

Any director or producer can upload their project to GOL Studios and write out a wishlist.

GOL Studios will help connect them with funding, equipment, and industry experts willing to share their resources.

It will also help filmmakers crowdfund their projects. It is free of cost and is currently accepting any projects.

New projects

GOL Studios on Wednesday (March 27) revealed the first projects in development through their platform.

Boy Meets Boy is a German feature-length movie about a brief encounter. Are We Married Yet? Meanwhile, explores three different generations of same-sex couples in Taiwan.

Gentleman Spa, meanwhile, depicts the journey of Hao, who works as a cleaner in a massage parlor in Taiwan. When he has the rare opportunity to massage a customer, he finds something between them.

GOL Studios will also produce GagaOOLala’s Queer Asia series, a documentary presenting queer life in the region.

Queer Asia so far has featured mini-series on Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Japan and Vietnam.

GOL Studios is now working on episodes from South Korea and Myanmar.

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