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Asia’s top singers come together in pro-LGBTI song

Asia’s top singers come together in pro-LGBTI song


Some of Asia’s top Chinese-speaking singers have come together to record a song for International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHOT).

‘We Are One’ was recorded by the eight female singers to show their support for LGBTI issues.

Tanya Chua is the Singapore singer-songwriter who produced the song. She brought together the singers from across Asia to record the song.

‘We were born equal, one body, one spirit,’ say the song’s lyrics.

Other vocalists on the track include LGBTI ally and activist Chang Hui-mei also known as A-Mei. Singers from Taiwan include; Elva Hsiao, A-Lin, Rainie Yang, and Dee Shu (Little S). Singer Na Ying comes from China with Sandy Lam hailing from Hong Kong.

Shu told Taiwan News said she could not understand why for the past decade, she has been responsible for constantly speaking out on LGBTI rights. Shu argued we are all people, who are the same and should not be rejecting each other.

IDAHOT is on May 17 just days before Taiwan’s Constitutional Court rules on same-sex marriage in the country.

Watch a behind the scenes recording of the song (in Mandarin)