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Nico Tortorella wants you to send him a picture of your ass

Nico Tortorella wants you to send him a picture of your ass

Nico Tortorella with his shirt off in the desert

There is an ass revolution.

Bisexual actor Nico Tortorella recently took to his Instagram story to share a picture of his ass.

It’s an artsy black and white shot from a photoshoot.

ass. i can kiss you and apparently make things better. i can kick you and make things better still. i can be a bad you and look cooler. i can even eat you whole, fuck you silly, without shame. but if im a hard you, or a smart you, im an asshole. the difference between an ass and a stallion is only in the way you hold yourself. #niconiconico #allofitisyou @oliviersimille 📷 #getyourfuckingassout | Photo: nicotortorella Instagram

The picture was then followed by a call out against the likes of Trump, Roy Moore, islamophobia, homophobia, biphobia, non binary phobia and transphobia.

The list didn’t end there.

Photo: nicotortorella Instagram

Tortorella then called on his fans to join him in getting your ass out.

He announced that sharing a picture of your ass should be a form of ‘resistance.’

The actor said: ‘If we get our asses out, maybe they’ll get their fucking asses out too. I dare you snap and post.’

He encouraged people to use the hashtag #getyourfuckingassout to ‘tell the world’ why you’re getting your ass out.

Photo: nicotortorella Instagram

‘No matter your race, religion, sexuality, gender identity, expression, nationality, color’, Nico wants you to get your ass out.

He adds that ‘in these trying times of depressive news’, we need a bit more fun.

Photo: nicotortorella Instagram


The actors fans followed through!

Hundreds of people have shared pictures of their asses on Instagram. They’ve also shared stories of the discrimination they have faced, whether because of their race or sexuality.

All photos by nicotortorella Instagram


He wants you to be the best possible version of yourself