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This new brand will make you literally feel like you're wearing a bed

Feel sexy and snug in this womenswear brand

This new brand will make you literally feel like you're wearing a bed
Photo courtesy of Ella Dror PR
Confidence is sexy!

Do you ever wish that you woke up and could walk around in what you went to sleep in that night?

Well if you’re Astrid Andersen, they probably feel very much the same way. In their first ever dedicated womenswear show at Copenhagen Fashion Week, you can sleepwalk around the city in style with their extremely comfortable-looking outfits.

So what if you wanted to get dressed in your ex-boyfriend’s many jumpers and jackets he had laying around? There’s something for you.

Astrid Andersen

The brand’s vision for the autumn/winter collection is that of a strong but comfortably dressed woman.

The Astrid Andersen woman is powerful, cool, and in control of their sexuality. Also, they define themselves with confidence while dress relaxed.


Astrid Andersen

The fabrics chosen play an important part in the Astrid Andersen collection.

Fabrics play with tradition and English heritage

Because of this, casual corduroys are juxtaposed against formal velvets and Sophie Hallette lace. The result creates a textured look with luxurious ease.

This one looks like a sleeping bag.

Astrid Andersen 3

This one looks like you could go skydiving and then wrap it up into a bow, and then get cocktails!

Astrid Andersen 5

Additionally, this season’s palette is classic to an autumn setting with colors such as dark navy, plum, and camel.

Or if you just really loved your mom’s blanket.

Check out the rest of the collection below.

Astrid Andersen 6

Astrid Andersen 7

Astrid Andersen 8

Astrid Andersen 9


Make sure to check out the full Astrid Andersen collection here.

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