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Attackers stabbed this trans woman and left her for dead

Attackers stabbed this trans woman and left her for dead

  • Gruesome photos show trans stab victim Andi Salazar after an attack that almost killed her.
Trans attack victim Andi Salazar.

LGBT+ campaigners in Ecuador have shared horrific photos of a trans woman after a violent attack.

They say the unknown attackers tried to murder Andi Salazar on Sunday (23 August).

The attack on the 38-year-old, who also goes by the name of ‘la Carlita’, took place in her home in the city of Tena.

Tena lies in the province of Napo, in the Amazon rainforest. However, it has a population of over 33,000 and a small airport. It’s a popular connection point for tourists visiting the Amazon.

The LGBT+ campaigners say the attackers left her for dead. She is still unconscious in hospital so hasn’t been able to identify her assailants.

‘They left her bloodied and unconscious, almost dying. The [photos] reveal the gravity of the situation to the point that when found she was in grave danger of losing her life.’

Andi Salazar after the attack.
Andi Salazar after the attack: Campaigners are calling for an investigation. Supplied

Salzar is now in Tena’s José María Velazco Ibarra hospital and doctors expect her to regain consciousness.

The campaigners hope she will then be able to share ‘information about this terrible event’.

‘Attempted murder’

Meanwhile they are calling for a full investigation. In a statement they said:

‘We call on the authorities, especially the State Attorney General’s Office, to investigate what happened and to accuse the actor or actors of this act as an attempted murder with an aggravated hate crime based on gender identity.

‘We also request the Ombudsman’s Office to monitor due process, because judicial processes in the country are not moving unless they are political.

‘Trans lives matter too.’

Ecuador has fairly advanced LGBT+ legal rights including same-sex marriage and the ability to change legal gender.

However the South American country often witnesses horrific violence against trans people.

It has also struggled with violently anti-LGBT+ ‘conversion therapy’ camps. As a result, it is one of just five countries to have outlawed the ‘therapies’.

The Silhouette X Association, Ecuadorian Federation of LGBT Organizations and The GLGBTI Observatory of Ecuador joined in the statement about the attack.