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Attempts to undo California gay history law fail again

Attempts to undo California gay history law fail again

Opponents of a law that requires Californian public schools to educate children about the contributions of LGBT people have again failed to gain enough signatures to put up a ballot initiative that would have overturned the requirement.

The Stop SB48 campaign did not gather enough signatures by Monday’s deadline to put an initiative on the 2014 election ballot that would exclude LGBTs from the list of groups whose roles in history and social science schools must teach.

Kevin Snider, a lawyer for one of the groups behind the Stop SB48, conceded to The Associated Press that the group had fallen about 50,000 short of the 504,760 signatures it had needed to put up a ballot initiative, and well short of the 700,000 it had been aiming for.

It is only the second time this year that the Stop SB48 campaign have tried to force a referendum on the issue and failed.

Senate Bill 48 took effect in January, but most school districts are yet to implement it.

The Stop SB48 coalition is a group of evangelical churches and social conservative groups who are opposed to any positive teaching about LGBT people or issues in schools.