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Aunty Ben: Drag queen show for children comes to London theatre

Aunty Ben: Drag queen show for children comes to London theatre

Created by production company Super Paua, Aunty Ben is described as a LGBT-positive show for children aged 7+.

‘Nine-year old Tracey loves her Aunty Ben. It doesn’t matter to her that Aunty Ben is actually her uncle, or that he’s a drag queen, because in Tracey’s family dressing up is for everyone! But when Ben meets her school friends, Tracey is shocked to discover that other people’s families can be very different to her own.’

The show made its debut earlier this year at the Dublin Gay Theatre Festival, where it played to sold-out audiences and won the Doric Wilson Intercultural Dialogue Award. It met with further acclaim at the Brighton Fringe Festival, and this will be its first London performance, where it will play as part of Chelsea Theatre’s annual SACRED arts festival on the afternoon of Sunday 23 November 2014.

‘[It’s] a celebration of individuality, empathy and the creative spirit,’ said Super Paua’s Sian Ni Mhuiri.

‘I studied in the Central School of Speech and Drama, in London, and while I was there I met a very special drag queen, whose boy-name is Ben. I lived with him for a year, and through him was introduced to a whole community of amazing, inspiring drag queens and queer performers.

‘This show is partially a homage to them, their strength, their humour and their beauty. Ben has a niece, who has grown up seeing him in and out of women’s clothes – she sometimes calls him Aunty Ben, though no-one ever told her to!

‘I always admired the honesty in their family dynamic, and thought how lucky this young child was to be raised in a family where boy/girl rules were broken down.

‘The play Aunty Ben isn’t a realistic account of the real Ben’s life story, but it is definitely inspired by his life, his radiant personality and his relationship with his niece.’

Read more about the show at the official website here. You can also check out a trailer below: