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Aussie ex ‘first bloke’ talks about gay gaffe

Aussie ex ‘first bloke’ talks about gay gaffe

Tim Mathieson, the boyfriend of recently ousted Australian prime minister Julia Gillard, has been joking with the press about being called gay by a radio host earlier this month.

Howard Sattler lost his job at Radio 6PR when he asked then prime minister Gillard if her partner was gay during a live interview.

Mathieson said during an impromptu phone call to Melbourne sports radio station SEN that he was staying with his parents in Shepparton, Victoria when he heard the news that his sexuality was being called into question.

‘We woke up at 6 in the morning and turned the TV on and Mum goes, "what’s all this mean, Tim?"’ said Mathieson, the Herald Sun reports.

‘I said, "I dunno anyway, mum". My father, he’s a classic, you know, he gets up and says, "my father was a barber in Shepparton. He must have been gay as well". It was hilarious.’

Mathieson also said that he bumped into Australian gay media personality Molly Meldrum a few days after the Sattler interview.

‘I said, "G’day mate" cos I know Molly pretty well. Anyway, he goes "Don’t come anywhere near me they’ll think you’re gay!",’ said Mathieson. ‘It was a dead set classic. It was a dead set classic, fair dinky.’

Gillard announced her retirement from politics after being ousted by rival Kevin Rudd last week.