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Aussie film about teen with ‘fluid’ sexuality seeks crowd-funding

Aussie film about teen with ‘fluid’ sexuality seeks crowd-funding

An Australian film about a teenager dealing the the death of his older brother and his ‘ambidextrous’ sexuality is seeking crowd-funding.

Teenage Kicks tells the story of 17-year-old Miklos Varga, whose plans to move out of from his family home with his best friend fall apart after the sudden death of his older brother.

The feature length film, made by writer-director Craig Boreham and producer Annmaree J Bell, is being adapted from a short-film called Drowning by the same team.

‘Miklos is not your typical male lead, he has a very fluid and ambidextrous sexuality that he’s only just learning how to take control of,’ said Boreham.

‘I think this film being a wonderful story, I also think it’s a really important one,’ said the actor who plays Miklos, Miles Szanto.

‘I think one of the roles of a filmmaker is to let people know that they aren’t alone in what they are going through. I think this film has a real ability to let people know that.’

The team are close to raising the $67,000 (US dollars, €51,900) goal via crowd-funding site Pozible before the deadline on 25 May.

Watch a YouTube clip about the movie here: