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Aussie moms to give free hugs to people at pride event for those who need them

Aussie moms to give free hugs to people at pride event for those who need them

a close up of a woman holding up a white t-shirt, she is smiling and has short blonde hair

A group of moms in Australia are following in the footsteps of Sara Cunningham and will give free hugs to LGBTI people rejected by their families.

Cunningham became known worldwide for offering to be a ‘stand-in mom’ at same-sex weddings. Hollywood star, Jamie Lee Curtis, now wants to make a movie about her life.

‘PSA. If you need a mom to attend your same sex wedding because your biological mom won’t. Call me,’ she wrote on Facebook. ‘I’m there. I’ll be your biggest fan. I’ll even bring the bubbles.’


Now the group of Aussie moms led by Nelly Thomas will give out the free hugs at the Midsumma Carnival pride event held in the southern city of Melbourne.

Thomas who is a comedian and author made a t-shirt for the event with ‘free mum hugs’ on the front. When she posted the photo on Facebook, other moms showed an interest in helping out.

‘A parents’ job is to love their kids unconditionally and for who they are. If your parents have rejected you or have not been able to fully embrace you, that is their failure – not yours,’ she wrote on Facebook.

‘While it hurts, remember that there are people who love you exactly as you are.’

a woman holding up white t-shirt with the words 'free mum hugs' painted on the front, she is smilling
Nelly Thomas with her homemade t-shirt | Photo: Facebook

The Midsumma Carnival is a key event in the month long Midsumma Festival. It’s a day of celebration and community held in a major Melbourne park and is attended by thousands of people.

Thomas wanted to make clear that her hugs of support are for LGBTI people, no matter their age.

Thomas will head along to Midsumma Carnival in the afternoon, where she will be donning her ‘free mum hugs’ t-shirt. Other moms are invited to join her.

‘I will be at the Midsumma Carnival in Melbourne on Sunday 20th January between 12noon and 2pm offering free mum hugs,’ she said.

‘I am not part of any formal organisation, but I think some of my mum friends will join me . We will wander around in stupid t-shirts offering hugs. If you want a Mum hug, look for me. My t-shirt design skills are shit, but my hugs are sick.’