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Gay Aussie Olympian comes out as HIV positive

Gay Aussie Olympian comes out as HIV positive

Gay Australian Olympic trampolinist Ji Wallace has publicly revealed he is HIV positive while attending the London 2012 games.

Wallace opened up about his HIV status in a letter sent to the Star Observer, saying he was inspired by US diver Greg Louganis’s experience of living with the virus and being gay.

‘I have been contemplating writing this for a while,’ the athlete told the Aussie newspaper.

‘I caught a CNN Piers Morgan interview with Greg Louganis here in London. It made me think and think and I couldn’t sleep, so I wrote.’

Wallace, who won a silver medal in the Sydney Olympics in 2000, added he was also inspired by news anchor Anderson Cooper’s coming out letter in July which spoke of the ‘value in being seen and heard’ in the face of persecution by friends, family and society.

‘I too have been that victim of these atrocious behaviours. Luckily I managed to come through,’ he said.

Wallace is in the UK capital to watch the men’s trampoline event and has been attanding the Pride House venue for LGBT athletes.

He added: ‘Being seen does have value. A voice does have value. I have the support of my boyfriend, my great friends and my loving parents. Many do not and this is, in part, for them.’