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Aussie PM is looking for the owner of a rainbow bike that was left outside his house

Aussie PM is looking for the owner of a rainbow bike that was left outside his house

The crocheted rainbow bike left outside Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's house.

Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is on the hunt for a woman who left a rainbow bike outside of his house a couple of months ago.

The crocheted rainbow bike was left outside of Turnbull’s Sydney home during the country’s postal survey on same-sex marriage. It was decorated with love hearts and photos of Turnbull and his wife Lucy.

A not on the bike read:

Malcolm & Lucy – married 37 years.

Malcolm said marrying Lucy was the “best call I ever made bar none… I’m the luckiest guy”, he said. 

“When I first asked Lucy to marry me she said, ‘let’s wait until we grow up’. Well we didn’t wait long and now it is almost impossible to imagine, let alone remember, what it was like not to be together, so much so that I have a much clearer sense of ‘Lucy and me’, than I do of “me”.

“Very much we see ourselves as being partners, part of a whole”.

Marriage equality

Australia has just this week made same-sex marriage legal. The Governor-General signed off on the same-sex marriage Bill on Friday morning after it passed in the House of Representatives the day before.

The legalization of marriage equality came after a months long postal survey on the issue. During the postal survey both sides of the debate campaigned ferociously and in some cases like this bike, creatively.

Belongs in a museum

Turnbull took to Facebook to try and track down the woman describing it as an ‘amazing work of art’. The Turnbulls took the bike into their house to ‘keep it safe’ and now want to find out who made it.

‘Please let us know? Perhaps it’s home should be our National Museum or Gallery to commemorate this extraordinary day [marriage equality],’ Turnbull wrote on Facebook.

One Facebook commentator claimed her friend created the crocheted the bike and that she had contacted the PM directly to identify herself.