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Aussie radio host John Caldwell sues ARN for discrimination

Aussie radio host John Caldwell sues ARN for discrimination

John Caldwell (left) (Photo: Twitter)

The host of Celeb HQ on KIIS FM, John Caldwell, filed a lawsuit against his former employer the Australian Radio Network (ARN) this week.

Caldwell claims he was ‘discriminated against for being gay’.

In a Wednesday (21 November) statement he said he had ‘repeatedly complained’ about ‘verbal attacks’.

What’s more, the radio host accused management of ‘bullying’ and ‘permitting a homophobic culture’.

Caldwell filed papers through the Fair Work Commission in Sydney on Tuesday, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

ARN said on Wednesday the broadcaster was not aware of proceedings.

‘ARN prides itself on its passionate work in the area of diversity and inclusion, particularly with LGBTQI initiatives and the broader community’ a spokesperson told the Herald.


Caldwell and his lawyers on Wednesday said he was fired by ARN in October after an alleged complaint from another KIIS FM employee.

‘He was not told any details of the complaint and was at no stage interviewed or asked for his side of the story,” the statement said, according to the herald.

The radio host believes the incident occurred at the October Australian Commercial Radio Awards (ACRAs).

He claimed he was verbally attacked by a colleague. He was allegedly called a ‘homo’, a ‘faggot’ and a ‘poofter’, the Herald reports.

Caldwell said he has ‘endured years of bullying at ARN, bullying that had caused him to feel suicidal at times’.

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