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Aussie senator stands-by gay marriage leads to bestiality view

Liberal colleagues distance themselves from unapologetic senator after Cory Bernardi reaffirms his views in an interview

Aussie senator stands-by gay marriage leads to bestiality view

Despite losing his frontbench position when he made comments in the Australian Senate last month suggesting gay marriage could lead to bestiality, Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi has not apologized or retracted his words.

In an interview with Adelaide’s The Advertiser published today Bernardi stood-by his views saying the reaction his comments was ‘hysteria’.

‘You can bet your bottom dollar there are always going to be demands to redefine it in other ways as well,’ said Bernardi discussing legalising same-sex marriage in the interview, leading on from his comments during the same-sex marriage debate in parliament last month. Following those comments Liberal Party leader Tony Abbott asked for Bernardi’s resignation. 

Liberal party colleague, shadow Attorney-General George Brandis distanced himself from Bernardi’s views today.

Brandis said on Sky News that he had not read the interview but if Bernardi repeated the views he expressed in the Senate last month, they were not shared by the Coalition.

‘If he repeated [that view] in this interview [it] does not represent the view of the Liberal Party, the National party, the Coalition’s … it’s his own view, I think, shared by hardly anyone,’ Brandis said.

Same-sex marriage proponent Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young told reporters this morning that Bernardi is an embarrassment to the Liberal Party. ‘He’s been condemned both inside and outside his own party …and he still can’t grasp that what he said was offensive,’ she said. 

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