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Aussie top model Daniel Garofali goes bottomless for Sweden’s Dorian magazine

Aussie top model Daniel Garofali goes bottomless for Sweden’s Dorian magazine

At Gay Star News we’re huge fans of LGBTI magazines.

When Wi-Fi lets you down, there’s sometimes no better way to learn about a gay enclave than by flipping through the pages of a local ‘queer-zine’.

This month, straight out of Stockholm, the fabulous and fashionable Dorian magazine served us a cover with the flawless Daniel Garofali that sent us into overdrive.

Touching on everything from global fashion to local design hot-spots, Dorian magazine is a gay glossy with a chic, minimalist aesthetic that screams Euro-sophistication.

Covers and feature stories are combined with fashion editorials so inspiring we can’t decide whether we want to dress up or strip down for summer.

As the world is in full summer swing, Dorian’s summer issue looks to the hottest pieces of the season for showing off skin in style. 

Dorian’s creative director and fashion director Jake Rydqvist told Gay Star News: ‘The summer style issue celebrates menswear becoming increasingly adventurous, borrowing both from women’s and autumn wear.

‘We relish in the season’s most inspirational, accessories, skin-revealing streetwear and extravagant fine tailoring.’

In addition to the dizzying array of fashion editorials, the 25th issue of the Stockholm-based gay mag celebrates summer with Daniel Garofali, an Australian-born dancer-turned-model whose sinewy physique has graced publications and websites from Hong Kong to the Hamptons.

‘Having masterminded his own career, turning himself into a brand, Daniel defines the new breed of male top models who combine both brain and brawn,’ Rydqvist added.

From new breeds to seasoned icons, Dorian also interviewed the gay pop star George Michael.

According to Rydqvist, ‘George Michael was surprisingly candid, opening up about drug-use, his time in prison and the upcoming, gay-tastic dance-album.’

Further on the gay-tastic, Dorian also features Aussie drag wonder Courtney Act, looking at her trajectory to stardom from Australia to America.

Ever on the pulse of LGBTI issues, Dorian also delves into discussions about gay men’s health from excessive sweating to cancer dangers for gay men.

From serious fashion to serious chats, we love what Dorian is serving up for the summer.

Dorian magazine is available for purchase in print and digital versions around the world.

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