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Austin Armacost is now the face of a gay sauna in London

Austin Armacost is now the face of a gay sauna in London

Austin Armacost Sauna London

Former Celebrity Big Brother contestant Austin Armacost has just shot an advertising campaign for a London gay sauna.

Pleasuredrome sauna is based in Waterloo, London. It is one of London’s longest running and best-known gay saunas.  

However, it appears that model and former reality contestant Austin’s shoot appeared on Pleasuredrome’s Facebook page.

Austin Armacost new face of London gay sauna

Austin Armacost
Austin Armacost | Photo: Forza Supplements

In a post on Thursday, Austin is seen posing with two other guys with a towel loosely draped around his crotch.

Photos of the shoot show our man Austin clearly having a great time with two other models.

The untagged, behind-the scenes photos have appeared ahead of the campaign’s release.

‘I enjoy showing it off’

Austin first appeared on Logo’s LGBTI reality show The A-list in 2010.

He then moved from the US to Leeds in England following two stints in Celebrity Big Brother in 2015 and 2017.

Recently, Austin told Gay Star News in February about his body transformation and his love of nude Instagram shots

‘I love posting pics of my ass and work very hard on making it big and round and yes, I enjoy showing it off.

‘I also like to shock people,’ said Austin.

‘And for some reason somebody posting a picture of their ass is shocking…’

You do you, Austin! We’re not complaining!