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Flight attendant suspended over sex tape with gay porn star in plane toilet

Flight attendant suspended over sex tape with gay porn star in plane toilet

Gay porn star Austin Wolf films gay sex with flight attendant

Delta Airlines suspended a flight attendant after finding out he had sex with a popular gay porn star in the plane’s lavatory.

The flight attendant was off-duty, but was wearing his full uniform and work lanyard.

The airline found out the news after gay porn actor Austin Wolf uploaded two videos of the mile high encounter to Twitter.

In the videos, the flight attendant is on his knees giving the porn star a blowjob.

The flight attendant then gets up and bends for Wolf to, well, you know. They spent around eight minutes in the toilet together.

Wolf is identifiable by a tattoo of a heart on his arm.

Austin Wolf
Austin Wolf. | Photo: Instagram

The gay porn star has since deleted the videos, but the damage was already done.

Delta Airlines launched a full investigation into the incident, then suspended the off-duty attendant.

But it appears the flight attendant wasn’t aware the filming was even taking place. It is understood Delta Airlines are consulting legal experts about a possible ‘revenge porn’ case.

According to the Daily Mail, the off-duty attendant said: ‘I just want to be left alone please.

‘I’m just trying to get my life back on track,’ he added.

Austin Wolf has not publicly responded to the revelations.

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