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Australia bans homophobic pastor who said ‘I wish every homo would die’

Australia bans homophobic pastor who said ‘I wish every homo would die’

Homophobic pastor Steven Anderson once said 'I wish every homo would die' (Photo: YouTube)

Australia has banned US homophobic pastor Steven Anderson from entering the country.

Anderson, the founder of the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Arizona, is known for his anti-LGBTI comments.

Thirty-three countries have now banned him from visiting, according to his YouTube channel.

‘Basically, I’m banned from Australia’ Anderson explained on Twitter.

‘My ETA [visa] was denied by Australia. I’m not going to be permitted to enter the country.’

Anderson, who has more than 100,000 YouTube subscribers, had planned to visit Australia in November.

In his YouTube post, he said he now planned to conduct a ‘soul-winning and preaching event’ in New Zealand instead.

He added: “I’d love to do a soul-winning and preaching event in Christchurch and Auckland, New Zealand.

History of homophobic hate

Australia joins Botswana, Canada, Jamaica, South Africa, Ireland, the UK and the Schengen area of Europe in banning Anderson.

Anderson made headlines last month when he attended a ‘Make America Straight Again’ conference in Orlando, Florida.

‘I wish every homo would die,’ he said to protesters outside the event. ‘Get AIDS and die.’

He has also called for the murder of gay people from his pulpit.

Anderson previously posted a video in which he expressed no sympathy for those killed in the Pulse nightclub shooting.

‘The good news is that there’s 50 less pedophiles in this world, because, you know, these homosexuals are a bunch of disgusting perverts and pedophiles,’ Anderson said in a video he posted online.

He also posted a hateful video after gay pop icon George Michael died.

On 26 December, a posting appeared on Faith Word Baptist Church’s official Facebook page about the singer’s death.

‘George Michael, an open Sodomite, just died at age 53. That makes sense because being a Sodomite shaves about 20 years off your life expectancy, and the life expectancy in the USA for males is 76 years old.

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