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Australia condemns Ugandan and Nigerian anti-gay bills

Australian lawmakers voted on Friday to condemn a bill in Uganda which would see gays jailed for life and a Nigerian law which would see same-sex marriage made an actual crime

Australia condemns Ugandan and Nigerian anti-gay bills

The Australian Senate has passed a motion condemning anti-gay laws before the parliaments of Uganda and Nigeria.

The motion was put forward by Greens party Senator Sarah Hanson-Young and passed ‘on the voices’ – meaning that support in the chamber was such that no vote count was needed.

‘It is genuinely horrifying that there are Governments in this world that want to punish and imprison people simply for being who they are,’ Senator Hanson-Young said following the vote on Friday.

‘The Australian Parliament has condemned the bills in both Uganda and Nigeria and I call upon the Government to do all it can diplomatically to urge those nations to remove these disgraceful pieces of legislation.

‘While more needs to be done to create equality in Australia, we are lucky to live in a country where people can feel safe in being themselves.’

The motion read, ‘the Senate notes with grave concern the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda, re”

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