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Finally there’s a drag competition just for Indigenous queens

Finally there’s a drag competition just for Indigenous queens

Mis Ellaneous created the Miss First Nation competition to showcase the best Indigenous drag talent.

The most glamorous Drag Queen pageant is coming to the top end of Australia.

For the first time ever a pagaent for Indigenous drag queens and sista girls (Aboriginal trans women) will determine who is the most fierce Aboriginal queen.

The Miss First Nation competition is the brain child of drag queen Mis Ellaneous. She wanted to showcase the best of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander drag talent.

‘There currently is and has been other great national drag comps in the past but none have created an event specifically for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander queens and sista girls,’ she told Gay Star News.

‘Generally though there is still a lack of opportunity and/or showcasing platforms for these queens and Sista Girls. I feel that nationally there’s is still a lack of understanding and education around Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people including their culture, heritage and history.

‘We are still a deeply racist country that has not made peace with the past atrocities and this unfortunately effects all people of colour living in this country. It’s hard enough just being black, so imagine being a black, queer and a drag queen.’

‘Darwin is a wild town’

Northern city, Darwin will play host to the competition which will attract the best talent from around Australia. Darwin, which has a large Indigenous population was the obvious place to host the pageant.

‘Darwin is a wild town. I feel that the community has been surrounded by it (drag) for a long time now and has come to appreciate the talent and skill behind the craft and thrive for the performance element of it too,’ Mis Ellaneous said.

‘It’s also a small town so obviously you have your homophobic idiots but generally people are really tolerant. And it’s true behind the scenes the queens always find a way of running the town.’

Held over five days in September Miss First Nation will coincide with Darwin’s pride festival.