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Australia hotel slammed for hosting anti-gay group

Australia hotel slammed for hosting anti-gay group

Hotel Hyatt Canberra has come under fire for hosting the national conference of a notoriously anti-gay group.

The Australia Christian Lobby’s (ACL) two-day event will take place this weekend.

The ACL has said gay marriage would produce another ‘stolen generation’ – a reference to the aboriginal children who were forcibly placed in white homes, many of whom were physically and sexually abused.

Equal Marriage Rights Australia (EMRA) called on supporters to leave comments on the Hyatt’s Facebook page and give the hotel a one star rating.

EMRA said, ‘This group equates homosexuality with diesease, supports the expulsion of LGBTI students from high school, and makes anti-muslim statements to the media.’

Matt Jones wrote, ‘When my partner and I finally are able to marry yours will be the last place I’d choose for my same sex wedding due to your support of homophobia and hate through hosting the upcoming ACL conference.’

Elizabeth Streep wrote, ‘I feel sorry for the LGBT workers who will be forced to serve these homophobic creatures. Can you imagine these workers having to tolerate all the anti-gay speeches that will be made during this event?’

In response, nearly 2,000 ACL supporters flooded the Hyatt Facebook page with five star reviews.

A Hyatt spokeswoman said the hotel supported LGBTI rights but did not discriminate against guests.

‘Hyatt Hotel Canberra is listening to feedback via social media channels, we hear the LGBTI community’s concern that the ACL are holding an event at the hotel and would like you to know that we don’t always agree with the views of those who meet at our hotels,’ she said in a statement.

‘We don’t discriminate against guests who want to conduct lawful business at Hyatt hotels.’

Opposition leader Bill Shorten has also been urged to cancel his appearance as a keynote speaker at the conference. However, he said he will use the platform to explain his pro-gay stance.

Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard pulled out of a previous event after ACL Deputy Chairman Jim Wallace said the ‘homosexual lifestyle’ was as unhealthy as smoking.