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Australia marks one year since the nation said ‘yes’ to equal marriage

Australia marks one year since the nation said ‘yes’ to equal marriage

Supporters of the yes campaign gather in Sydney (Photo: Twitter)

LGBTI Australians and their allies celebrated one year since the country became a ‘fairer and more equal place’ on Thursday (15 November).

On 15 November, 2017 results of a Marriage Equality Postal Survey revealed 61% wanted to legalize same-sex marriage.

Parliament recognized the opinions of the controversial survey and legislated to allow same-sex marriages in December.

Key figures in the yes campaign gathered at Prince Alfred Park in Sydney on Thursday to celebrate the win for LGBTI rights.

They City of Sydney recently voted to rename that section of the park Equality Green.

MP Alex Greenwich said ‘we have seen 5,000 happy couples get married’ since the survey results came out.

‘A year ago the nation celebrated with LGBTI Australians, their friends and families’ said yes campaignerAnna Brown.

Since then we’ve had a year where all Australians have had the same opportunities for love, commitment and to be treated equally’ said Brown of the Human Rights Law Centre.

Ugly no campaign

Greenwich on Thursday called on the 2017 no campaign to apologize. He accused them of ‘scare-mongering tactics’ that targeted the most vulnerable Australians.’It was appalling and Australians resoundingly rejected that’, he said.

Many Australians denounced 2017’s postal survey as expensive and unnecessary. Pro-LGBTI PM Malcom Turnbull could have just put an equal marriage bill to parliament.

The public debate over whether same-sex couples should be allowed to marry was toxic and at times violent.

Many LGBTI Australians fought hard during the survey campaign. But the scare tactics and misinformation put out by the no campaign also traumatized the community. Calls to LGBTI helplines rose dramatically,

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