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Australia Post seizes 38,000 gay hate election flyers

Australia Post seizes 38,000 gay hate election flyers

An election flyer that repeatedly refers to gay men as sodomites and claims that nearly all same-sex couples molest their own children has been seized by Australia Post and its author is most likely to be hauled before an anti-discrimination tribunal.

Independent candidate Andrew Roberts who is running to try to become a senator for Tasmania, had planned to send the pamphlet to 38,000 Tasmanian homes, but when senior staff at Australia Post became aware of its contents they stopped it from being distributed.

The pamphlet, entitled ‘Know the Truth,’ claims that gays and lesbians are serial liars who are almost all child abusers and who hate God and Christians.

‘Allowing sodomite and lesbian marriage would cause a roller coaster of acceptance in [them] adopting babies, toddlers and young children,’ Roberts writes in the pamphlet.

‘These children will grow up witnessing multiple same-sex partners and all the other things associated with this type of perverse lifestyle. Furthermore the chances that they would not be sexually abuses by their “parents” and social associates are extremely slim.

‘These are the people that use drugs and other measures to engage in abhorrent behaviour. It does not stop there, allowing gay marriage opens up a Pandora’s Box to all other perversions including bestiality … People advocating gay marriage have a tendency to be compulsive liars to promote their cause whatever the cost and deliberately ignore the facts.

Roberts then attacks Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s Christian faith for supporting same-sex marriage before claiming his government is being controlled by international bankers.

‘Kevin KRudd [sic] betrayed the faith,’ Roberts writes.

‘Kevin Rudd is a Judas and nor organization or group of people tolerates a Judas … They toe the line to the Rockefellers, the Bilderberg Group and others. They are part of the New World Agenda and have no real heart regard or care for the people they have deliberately deceived through media control and by testimony of their own mouths. They are sold out and indebted to corrupt powers and couldn’t pull out even if they wanted to.’

Roberts then claims that there is an international conspiracy to normalize homosexuality with subconscious messages delivered by ‘randomly placed footage scenes,’ cut into television broadcasts and in documentaries.

On his website promoting his True Green political philosophy, Roberts describes himself as a political centrist and his policy platform states that, ‘every person has the right to be treated justly, ethically and morally and this right cannot be violated.’

Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Group spokesperson Rodney Croome urged anyone who received a copy of the flyer to complain to the proper authorities.

‘I call on Tasmanians who receive this offensive material to show their support for a more inclusive Tasmania by lodging a formal complaint with the Anti-Discrimination Commission,’ Croome said.

‘I also call on Australia Post to ensure it never distributes this material or anything like it, not just because it is potentially illegal, but because it is divisive and destructive.

“The flyer may look like foolish nonsense but it could have a devastating impact on young Tasmanians coming to terms with their sexuality. Freedom of speech is important, particularly at election time, but every right comes a corresponding responsibility, in this case not to do harm to others by inciting hatred.’

The seizing of the flyers by Australia Post likely means that Roberts has wasted thousands of dollars in promoting his bid for public office.