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Australian Cat Ladies buy Australian Christian Lobby domain name

Australian Cat Ladies buy Australian Christian Lobby domain name

Internet surfers seeking the socially conservative views of the Australian Christian Lobby are instead met with an image of a smiling cartoon cat over a rainbow when they click a link to today.

The domain name has been taken over by Australian Cat Ladies, Hilary Bowman-Smart, Genevieve Stewart and Jessica Alice, two queer women and a ‘token’ straight, who bought the domain for $19 (Australian dollars, $19 €15) as a joke.

‘To be honest, this started as a joke between friends,’ Stewart told Gay Star News.

‘However, the Australian Christian Lobby is one of the leading voices against LGBTQ and gender equality. They oppose same sex marriage, abortion, contraception, and other issues Cat Ladies everywhere hold dear. We also suspect they have a secret and insidious anti-cat agenda.’

Australian Cat Ladies have been taken aback by the amount of attention the website has got. The site has had over 400,000 page views and 200,000 unique visitors since in launched yesterday (Sunday 28 April) and they have over 800 followers on Twitter.

The group are now considering what causes and campaigns to advance with their new-found influence.

‘We will be figuring out where we want to go with it,’ said Stewart. ‘We know we now have a platform that can do a lot to advance the cause for equality, justice, and scratches under the chin for all.’

Australian Christian Lobby haven’t responded to media enquiries about the usurping of their domain name.

The lobby group were widely condemned last year when director Jim Wallace said that smoking is healthier than being gay. This led to Prime Minister Julia Gillard canceling her planned appearance at the group’s national conference.