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Australian Conservatives ‘will overturn gay marriage vote’

Australian Conservatives ‘will overturn gay marriage vote’

It's seems the 'No to marriage equality' campaign isn't over for the Conservatives | Photo: Australian Christian Lobby Facebook

The Australian Conservatives party has said they will overturn the country’s ‘yes’ to marriage equality, according to Sky News.

The spokesperson for the Australian Conservatives party Lyle Shelton told Sky News it is an aspiration for the party to restore the marriage law to its original meaning.

‘I would expect over time we’d want to see marriage restored in our legislation and culture.’

Shelton says the party supports the natural family and wants to be advocates for ‘mum, dad and the kids.’

However, he did acknowledge it wouldn’t be possible to do this anytime soon:

‘We’re a part of principles, and one of our five pillars is family. I don’t expect this plebiscite can be overturned soon. But what Australian politics does need is a party that knows what the family is. And one that is willing to advocate for it.

Furthermore, he says, ‘our policy is to support the natural family.’

From leading ‘no’ campaigner to spokesman for the Conservatives

This is Lyle Shelton’s first full day on the job. He’s joining the Australian Conservatives party as their federal communications director.

It comes the day after he leaves his position at the Australia Christian Lobby. He says it’s to pursue the ‘partisan side of politics.’

Moreover, he was one of the leading voices against marriage equality.

It was initially thought Shelton would announce plans to stand in the next federal election. But is now acting as the ‘spokesman for the party, outside of the parliamentary ranks,’ the Guardian reports.

Shelton told a crowd of Australian Conservatives supporters the campaign for marriage equality showed a ‘lack of common sense and principles’ in the capital city of Australia, Canberra.

‘Watching a Coalition government tear itself apart over whether or not marriage should be between something as basic as a man and a woman helped me to realize that Australia’s conservative political party had lost its way.

Also adding: ‘The Coalition government’s inability or unwillingness to even provide basic protections for freedom of speech and freedom of religion quite frankly left me stunned.’

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