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Australian ex-gay group can’t find enough gays who want to be ex

Australian ex-gay group can’t find enough gays who want to be ex

An Australian ex-gay Christian ministry has complained that it can’t find enough people to hold a support group and counseled less than a dozen people last year.

‘Liberty would sincerely like to run a support group for those with unwanted same-sex attractions,’ Liberty Christian Ministries posted on its website.

‘However numbers thus far have never been sufficient to have them.’

During 2012, a year the group’s pastor Haydn Sennit described in his annual report as ‘a year of tremendous growth and success,’ Liberty Ministries counseled less than a dozen people with mixed results.

‘In general, the meetings have been quite sporadic with most being inconsistent in coming to meetings and demonstrating a double-mindedness that has kept them from making real progress,’ Sennit wrote.

Only a couple of the individuals were in heterosexual relationships.

Most came from new migrant backgrounds with staunch faith communities.

Instead Sennit spent most of 2012 speaking to churches and traveling to conferences.

Former Australian Pentecostal evangelist and ex-ex-gay Anthony Venn-Brown told GSN that the low numbers of people seeking help from the group was a sign of an evolving of views amongst Australian Christians.

‘The whole world is changing and things are definitely changing in the Christian world,’ Venn-Brown said.

‘I think there are several contributing factors for the lack of people being referred to or approaching people like Liberty. One is that there is now lots of information out there now about the harm that these programs cause – lots of gay survivors have told their stories.

‘At the same time there has been an amazing growth in the gay Christian movement so the numbers of people with unwanted same-sex attraction, as the call it, are becoming less and less because of all the alternatives available now to integrate their faith with their sexuality.’

Venn-Brown said that over the last decade sixty percent of ex-gay ministries in Australia and New Zealand had closed out of lack of interest.

Venn-Brown founded the group Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International to promote dialogue between religious communities and the LGBT community and finding common ground after detailing his experiences in ex-gay ministries and his journey to reconcile his faith and sexuality in the book A Life of Unlearning.