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Australian MP wants to know why people shouldn’t marry their kids if gays can marry

Australian MP wants to know why people shouldn’t marry their kids if gays can marry

An MP from the ruling Liberal/National Coalition in Australia has asked why he shouldn’t be able to marry his immediate blood relatives if same-sex marriage is legalized.

Liberal backbencher Dennis Jensen said in parliament on Monday, ‘I love my siblings, I love my children, I love my parents, but does that mean that I should marry them?’

Jensen said supporters of same-sex marriage were making a fundamental error in their belief that marriage was only about love.

‘Why not polygamy, polyandry?’ Jensen said.

Jensen also asked why incestuous brothers and sisters shouldn’t be allowed to marry if gay couples can marry so long as they agreed not to produce any children.

‘Apart from the yuck factor, that is our natural genetic pre-disposition of these sorts of relationships due to our innate knowledge of the genetic problems they’d cause, why not allow incestuous marriage if one or both parties agree to be sterilized?’ Jensen asked.

‘How about the love of, say, two sisters who have lived together for most of their lives? Should that be called marriage?’

Jensen also compared same-sex marriage to Communism, which he said was, ‘once seen as inevitable, now consigned to the dustbin of history.’

However Jensen said that he did not object to non-heterosexual people being able to formalize their relationship through some other kind of union so long as it was not marriage.

Jensen later tweeted, ‘Amazing how many who preach tolerance are themselves unbelievably intolerant!’ after his comments resulted in a negative response online.