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Australian Conservatives politician compares trans surgery to ‘mutilation’

Australian Conservatives politician compares trans surgery to ‘mutilation’

Australian Conservatives candiate Greg Walsh

A conservative politician in New South Wales, Australia, blamed trans children’s poor mental health on their ability to self-identify, rather than transphobia.

Australian Conservatives candidate Greg Walsh made the alarming comments at a forum yesterday (19 March), the Star Observer reported.

He compared trans kids who have had gender-affirmation surgery as ‘mutilated.’

Libertarian think tank the Centre for Independent Studies hosted the forum.

Also in attendance, One Nation party leader Mark Latham appeared to support Walsh’s views.

Latham said the ‘self-identification system’ is an ‘evil political program to make young people confused and rise up.’

It comes after Latham announced a One Nation NSW policy of banning self-identification.

What did he say?

Walsh slammed the reports that half of trans young people aged 14 to 25 in Australia have attempted or considered suicide.

Moreover, trans youths are 10 times more likely to experience severe depression and anxiety, according to a 2017 study. 

He said: ‘The argument is that this is happening because we’re such a transphobic society.

‘But if you look at how drastic the surgery is for a transgender and a person changes their mind, then they just have to realize they’ve been mutilated.’

Walsh said gender-affirmation surgery is ‘a very good justification for such a high suicide rate.’

He even suggested trans kid’s ‘issues will revolve’ simply by going through puberty.

NSW Legislative Assembly member Alex Greenwich slammed Walsh and Latham’s comments.

He told Gay Star News: ‘People who try to make a name for themselves by attacking the transgender and gender diverse community don’t deserve to be in the NSW Parliament.’

LGBTI students-turned advocates 

Last month, LGBTI Australian students delivered a petition to end discrimination in schools to the Australian parliament.

‘Imagine a young person being forced to suppress their true identity for fear of being kicked out of school and humiliated in front of their peers’ the petition said.

Nearly 55,000 people had signed it by the time activists presented it to parliament.

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