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Australian politicians call on PM to apologize to trans community

Australian politicians call on PM to apologize to trans community

Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison (Photo: Facebook) LGBTI students

Political party the Australian Greens on Tuesday (20 November) called on Prime Minister Scott Morrison to apologize to the country’s trans community.

Greens LGBTIQ+ spokesperson Senator Janet Rice made the statement as the world marks Transgender Day of Remembrance.

A shocking 368 trans, non-binary and gender-variant people, at least, were murdered in the 12 months to 30 September 2018.

‘It is devastating that in Australia and around the world trans and gender diverse people continue to face daily discrimination, violence, and vilification’ Rice said on Tuesday.

‘Here in Australia, we have a Prime Minister who labeled a program to help teachers support trans and gender diverse kids as “gender whispering”, saying we should “let kids be kids”‘.

She said, therefore, his statements contributed to high rates of mental health issues among trans and gender diverse people.

‘I call on Scott Morrison to reflect on the hurt and damage his past actions have caused’ she said. The senator urged him to apologize to trans and gender diverse Australians’.

‘The Greens will always fight alongside you to make your lives easier and safer’, the senator said to the community.


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has made number of anti-trans comments since he took office in August.

In his first week on the job he said he found it ‘skin-curling’ that schools taught children about LGBTI topics.

The Prime Minister later said ‘we do not need “gender whisperers” in schools’. He shared an article about training teachers to be sensitive to trans and gender diverse students.

Last month, he said the ruling Liberal-National Government ‘will never remove gender from birth certificates, licenses, and passports’.

Researchers on Tuesday called on trans and gender diverse Australians to take part the first nationwide survey into trans and gender diverse community.

What’s more, in September, Australia opened its first legal center for the trans community.